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Parking your BC Real Estate Licence

Are you a real estate agent licensed in BC not actively selling and listing? Are you part-time, taking a break, thinking of an alternative career or retiring? In other word, you are not producing, but you are still paying the real estate board expenses, expensive desk fee, franchise fee, E&O insurance etc., every month.

Do you know that you can keep you precious real estate agent licence which you have invested lots of time and effort to obtain at a minimum cost by parking your licence with us – the Interlink Evergreen Realty Corporation.

Interlink Evergreen Realty Corporation is licensed under the Real Estate Council of BC, but does not belong to any local real estate board. In other word, our associates are legally real estate salespersons but do not have to join any real estate board. Therefore they can save approximately $1,000 per year on the real estate board expenses. This is quite a significant amount if you are not producing.

By referring a buyer or seller to an agent or broker of your choice, you can still receive a portion of the selling commission as a referral fee after closing. Moreover, you may take a client to a new development and earning selling commission from the developer. We also have all the forms required for purchase and sale in our website and members are free to download and use them in case they have a buyer looking for properties.