Park your BC
Real Estate Licence
Keep your licence with us for low annual fee and no board fees

Keep making income by earning commissions and referral fees


Retiring or Taking a Break?

Maintain Your Real Estate License

Preserve your hard-earned real estate license without needing to retake the exam

Why Join
Interlink Evergreen?

  • To retain your licence status as “Active” at a minimum cost.

  • Backed by an established full service brokerage; real estate agents & clients network and experienced supports when needed.

  • Convenience office location and plenty of parking spaces.

  • Ability to earn commission and referral fees.

  • Some other licence holding brokerages are “virtual” companies that do not provide any supports. They don’t even have an office for their licensees. Yet they may charge you a higher fee to join.

  • There will be a discount if Interlink Evergreen associates switch over to Interlink Realty as an active sales associate.

Discover How We Can Assist You

We are a licensed brokerage that offers inactive real estate agents the option to "park" their licenses instead of placing them on inactive status.