REP Requirements for
Licence Renewal

All licensees are required to complete the Council’s Relicensing Education Program (REP) requirement before applying to renew their real estate licence.

The REP requirement is separate and distinct from any educational requirements mandated by the various real estate boards throughout the province.

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REP Course and Registration Information

Plus one additional online course designed by BCFSA

*All course requirements are subject to change by the BCFSA


Trading services

Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update (in-class or on-line)

or Real Estate E&O Insurance Commercial Legal Update Course (in-class or on-line)

Rental or strata management services

Real Estate E&O Insurance Legal Update for Strata Managers or Rental Property Managers (in-class or on-line)

Proof of REP Required for Licence Renewal

As a licensee, you are responsible for accurately reporting your REP course completion on your renewal application form.  You must submit proof that you have completed the appropriate Legal Update REP course in the last two years. Attach a certificate of completion, or a copy of your education transcript from the course provider (e.g. real estate board). Make sure it includes:

  • your name
  • the course name, and
  • the date the course was completed.

If your licence renewal application does not include documentary evidence that you have completed a Legal Update REP course in the last two years, your licence will not be renewed until proof of completion is provided.